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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Southern Assault Tournament Report: Games 4 and 5

Game Four vs. Daemons

After the obligatory four hours of sleep, I crawled out of bed on Sunday morning for day two of the GT.  I was feeling a bit rough, but luckily I drew Joel, who is one of my favorite opponents and an all around good guy, for the Fourth Round.  He had an entirely Nurgle Daemon army, led by a Great Unclean One.  Joel has a fantastic looking army, and ended up winning Best Painted for the tournament.

The game started off well for me, as I got off two Pit of Shades and decimated two out of his three Plaguebearer units.  I then decided to mix it up in close combat, and that didn't go as well.  Luckily for me, his Great Unclean One sucked itself into the warp on a miscast, and that allowed me to mop up the rest of his army.  I ended up with a 20-4 massacre.

The Fancy Lads continued to weather the storm, and were now 11-9 on the day.

Game Five vs. Daemons

I ended up on Table Four for the final game, facing Jason's Daemons.  I've played Jason at high tables at the Brawler Bash GT and at the State Championships previously, and he is a fun guy to play against as well as a fantastic tactician.  I knew I was going to have to play hard to succeed here.

Jason also had a Great Unclean One, but followed it with two Bloodletter hordes, a Level 2 Light Loremaster Herald, 2 Khorne Heralds, 2 Units of Seekers of Slaneesh, 3 Flamers, Nurglings, and 4 Bloodcrushers.  Not many armies give my army pause in close combat, but this army does.  He lined his army up, and put his Nurglings in front of my units in order to bait out my charges and then countercharge with his Bloodletter horde.  Instead, I ended up hiding behind said Nurglings.

I managed to to take out the Great Unclean One with a Pit of Shades, and got his Bloodcrushers stuck on my Ghorgon.  Heroically, my small units of Gor and Ungor took down his Seekers on the flank.  I managed to get my Doombull angled out of the Nurgling blockade in order to help my Ghorgon out.

The game came down to two combats.  In one corner, my 44 Gor, General, and BSB got caught out and attempted to hold off a Bloodletter Horde.  In the other, the Doombull fought an entire Bloodletter horde, his BSB, and his Bloodcrushers by himself.  The Bull heroically carved through the 'Crushers and most of the Bloodletters, and my Gor and characters lasted through four rounds of combat, but I lost both General and BSB to killing blow in the very last round, and my Gor ran off the board.

We only made it through four and and a half turns, and I didn't get a turn five, which would have helped me pick up a few more points. As it was, we drew on a difference of 14 points!  It was an epic finish to an epic game, and Jason was as always a great opponent. 

I ended the tournament with a 3-1-1 record, and with high comp, painting, and sportsmanship scores (top quarter in painting and comp, second overall in sports and hobbyist categories), I finished Fifth Overall.  This puts my record in Grand Tournaments this year with the Beastmen at 7-2-1, with  3rd overall and 5th overall finishes.  Not too shoddy!

The Fancy Lads finished 13-11-1 on the day, and finished third in the club challenge, behind Virginia's Kobra Kai and the unnamed (and enormous) Charlotte group.  It was a great time, and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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