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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Southern Assault Tournament Report: Rounds 1-3

Saturday started at 5:30 a.m. and getting up to travel down to Charlotte, NC.  The Fancy Lads were represented by myself (Beastmen), Tom (Ogres), Lance (Dwarfs), Collins (High Elves), and Ian (Vampire Counts).

My army, in short:

Doombull with 1+ armor save giving more attacks
Level 4 Shadow General
Level 1 Beasts
44 Gor
10 Gor
10 Ungor
10 Ungor
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Minotaurs
24 Bestigors

Games One vs. Tomb Kings

This was my first game versus the new Tomb Kings.  Matt was my opponent.  He had a 1,300+ point unit with his King, Hierophant, Tomb Guard, and some other characters.  My opening game went well, and I destroyed his Catapult and Snake Riders with ease, and set up for a combo charge on his main unit from the front and flanks.  Unfortunately, Matt had the mask that causes Terror, and I had terrible leadership roles, so he made my Gors and Bestigors flee in his turn. 

Sometimes, this is how the Beastman game goes.

With my army now grossly out of position and trying to rally, he cleaned things up fairly easily.  I failed SIX more terror tests over the course of the game, constantly fleeing (but getting all the bad leadership rolls out of the way for the tournament).  I did manage to save my General and Bestigors through constant running away, and salvaged a major loss instead of a massacre.  I lost 14-6.

The Fancy Lads finished 0-5 in the first round...not too great and our worst start since, well, ever.

Game Two vs. Tomb Kings

The next game was once again against Tomb Kings, run by Eric.  The table had impassable terrain down about half of the center line separating the armies, and I was worried that I'd end up marching around the terrain and getting shot to reach his army in the late game.  Luckily, Eric was a bit aggressive, I had a Pit of Shades whittle him down a a bit, and an ambushing unit of ten Gors who killed his Casket and Catapult.  Eventually, my Doombull and Minotaurs made it to his Hierophant and General, and mashed them up very nicely.  Eric did surprise me in Round Six with a long charge by his chariots, and wiped off my giant unit of Gor, so that I ended up with an 18-6 Major Victory.

The Fancy Lads came back this round and went 4-1, putting us at 4-6 overall.

Game Three vs. Warriors of Chaos

I drew Tony's Warriors in Round Three.  Tony is a great guy who I always look forward to chatting with and playing against.  We had a Blood and Glory slobberknocker set up, with little shooting and two armies lined up to beat each  other up.  I made some great long charges in round one, allowing me to get my big Gor unit, Bestigors, Minotaurs, and Ghorgon all in to combat.  I slammed into his two units of Chaos Warriors and almost chewed up the whole lot in one go.  We ground at each other with our various armies, and at the end of the day, Tony came out around seventy points ahead.  However, his army broke first on the Blood and Glory scenario, so I ended up with a 14-10 win.

The Fancy Lads continued to improve, going 4-1 again, which put us at 8-7 overall.

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