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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Army of Avelorn - Painted Glade Guard

I'm working on my Tale of Painters Avelorn Army on Warseer, and today is the day to report my monthly contribution. 

UNIT: Nineteen Glade Guard

HIGHS: I think my overall painting has improved from my last army, and continues to do so.  The basing looks great.  Every model has eyes.  I also wanted a banner that was easy recognizable as my flaming banner, so I bordered it with red and yellow, drew the elven rune for fire (thanks Google!) on it and put some jets of flame around the rune. 

LOWS: I'm not sold on the brown wash over green, and may have to go back and fix it.  The Glade Guard models also suffer from the same molding era as a lot of the Beastmen models, in that they have quite a few vague, half-formed details on the models that I find to be a pain. 

POINTS: Nineteen Glade Guard + Full Command and Flaming Banner = 262 Points.  Overall points are 262 + 350 for the Spellweaver for 612 points. 

NEXT MONTH: Dryads, which are surprisingly fun to put together.

1 comment:

  1. Looking nice!

    My WE battalion arrives next week, and I'm still on the fence regarding what colour scheme to go with.