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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thoughts on Dreadfleet, Halfway In

My gaming group is roughly halfway through Dreadfleet.  It's a great game, and a ton of fun for a few people (or more) on a Tuesday night.  Here's some things to know about it if you're looking to pick it up around the holidays:

*  It's pretty random at times.  You can lose a ship or lose the game on what is often a single card draw.  For instance, the other night we had a ship take two damage cards...and they were a hull card followed by a double hull card.  That ship was crucial and ended up costing us the mission. On the other hand, we've had ships limping along with 20+ damage cards that just wouldn't sink.

*  You can't take it seriously.  This is a great naval combat game, but not a serious naval combat game, and the randomness is the reason. 

* It's a ton of fun.  Once you realize that there's a ton of chance involved, it's a really good time to play. The mechanics are tight, and it's easy to introduce new players.  In each game we've played, we've had people just walk up and watch, and we'll offer to let them captain one of the ships.

*  It's a lot of fun with a lot of players.  It's a great game for a big group, as everyone can take a ship or two and (try to) work together.  Setting up two teams and an overall "admiral" for each side seems to work well.

*  Beware the Skabrous!  Seriously, that thing can move quickly, handles extremely well, and its shots ignore armor saves!  It's been the bane of the Grand Alliance for a couple scenarios now.

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