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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Treekin Painted, and Hopefully Not Too Horrible!

I was pretty worried when I started my Avelorn army about painting the Treekin models.  I've only seen them a couple times where they looked good, such as Bobby's Wood Elf army.  The models themselves are...not great, but I've never seen an acceptable substitute unless one changes the entire theme of the army.

One of the things that changed my opinion of the models somewhat was the fact that I got them in finecast.  Call the material whatever names you like, but I once again got flawless models.  The benefits of having finecast was that I could easily change out the parts that I used for each Treekin.  My front rank, rather than having multiple unwieldy tree limbs all over the place, now have more "human"-like limb structures, which I think makes them more dynamic and easily recognizable as moving monsters, rather than weird, mutated trees. 

The second thing to do was to make sure that there was plenty of color on the models so that they weren't dull.  I picked out all the faeries in light purple, and did the eyes in the light blue from the regular elf models.  Then I made sure all of the vines and leaves were bright green, and even gave some treekin green hair and beards as the model allowed.  Basing was kept dense and colorful as well.

I hope you enjoy the models, and comments and criticisms are welcome. 

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