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Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Still Here

Wow.  So we don't usually take two week breaks here.  Work was just unexpectedly busy, and took everything else with it, including this blog.  I did do a few things over that time in the hobby.

*  I painted an Arjac Rockfist model.  It's a great model, and I have decided to be firmly in the pro-finecast camp at this point.  I would have hated working with that model in metal.

*  I've been working out a new Blood Angels paint scheme with the new GW paints, and am pleased with the first test model I've worked on, although I'm not sure how to base it. 

*  Work continues on the Glade Guard.  There are 34 basecoated, and seven of those are finished except for basing.  I look forward to the finished unit, but this has really been a difficult project in terms of making myself do it. 

*  I borrowed some Skaven for the local tournament this past Saturday, and ended up coming in 2nd out of fifteen players, with two massacres and a regular win.  I never worried about Skaven as a Beastmen player, but they can really tear up some armies. 

*  I finally uploaded the Brawler Bash results onto Rankings HQ. 

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