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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brawler Bash Battle Reports: Round Three

Golgor surveyed the broken Ogre camp.  Victory had been won, but the herd had taken great losses, and he himself had been injured.  Perhaps it would have been better to be more grateful to the Dark Gods for the victory over the Skaven...it had been a very close fight with the Ogres again, and Golgor didn't know how long it would take to get the Horde moving again.

Suddenly, the air above Golgor began to crackle and pop.  A portal opened, and Lizardmen began to pour forth.  Eternal enemies of the Dark Gods!  Golgor roared to his scattered troops to form up!

Game Three of Brawler Bash was a Dawn Attack Scenario against Lane Webster.  He had a Shadow Slann and Life Slann, both with the ability that gives them +1 PD per cast.  It was very effective, and I seemed to run out of luck at the same time.   We did get into combat fairly quickly, but all of a sudden my magic really began to fail me, while his was fantastic.  I removed all of the Temple Guard save one from around one of the Slann, but suddenly couldn't get a spell off for three turns, which allowed him to keep it alive and bring help. 

It was ugly.

I ended the game crushed, and didn't score many points on the way out.  So I ended up 2-1 on the day, with two big massacres and one crushing defeat.    

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