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Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Goals: Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, so hobby production has been poor lately, because of a severe lack of free time.  But this weekend, if the stars align, hobby could happen.  Not on the actual weekend, mind, but because I have Monday off (and indeed, my office is closed) and my wife has to go to work for a teacher work day, I have an entire day to get things done.  Fun side note:  this will be the first non-sick day off I've had in a year and a half. 

My mission:  Glade Guard.  I started a couple months ago with nineteen Glade Guard finished and thirty-seven in on the sprue.  I currently have thirty complete and twenty-seven assembled and base coated.  My plan is to use Monday to knock out twenty more Glade Guard, which will bring me to fifty finished and allow me to run my first Wood Elf list (once some Eagles are done).  It will also free me from Glade Guard jail and allow me to paint fun things for a while, such as Eagles, my General on an Eagle, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and well, anything but Glade Guard. 

So wish me luck, as I really want to get this done.  I've put a lot of effort into making these GG look good, each and every one of them, and really worked to step up my painting. 

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  1. Glade Guard really a nice looking models, and they seem to get more and more fun to paint.