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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painted Arjac Rockfist

I didn't intend to paint the new Arjac Rockfist model just yet.  I dropped in on the new Games Workshop here in Raleigh on my lunch break at work, and after getting pressured for the forty-third time in two visits to buy some of the new Necrons or start playing Lord of the Rings, I ended up picking up this finecast model instead. 

I would have hated putting this model together in metal, but the finecast went together quickly and simply.  I did manage to slice a piece of his shield out on accident, which you can see from the front, but I wasn't unhappy with how it looked. 

It's a great model, full of detail, and I'm particularly pleased with how the face and the armor highlighting came out.  Comments and criticism are always welcome.

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