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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Wood Elf Game - Victory

I finally played my first 2500 point game with my new Wood Elves yesterday, and ended up tabling Tom's Skaven. Rather than use the dry written battle report, here are some thoughts on the game.

- The Storm Banner hurts. It was up for the first three game turns.

- Treekin are fantastic. They're tough enough to withstand a lot of hits, and strong enough to dish out enough pain to keep them in combats. Mine held up and eventually killed off a Plague Furnace/ Monk unit and some slaves.

- Ditto for Dryads. They're not all purpose killing machines, but tearing some into the Plague Monk flank was super effective, while another group of Dryads held up his General and Stormvermin by being stubborn in the woods.

- An Elf Highborn on an Eagle is still very fragile, no matter how you dress him up.

- Throne of Vines and Dwellers are just as nasty when I'm throwing them as when I'm on the receiving end.

- Focus fire on the Abom!

- Be prepared to bail out with your casters. I almost lost my Level 4 when the Abom missed a long charge by an inch.

- Don't expect one Eagle to automatically handle a war machine.

- Treemen are nasty, but aren't unstoppable killing machines. Mine got held up for a long time by a block of Slaves.

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