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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Painted Eagle Number Two


I really like how my second eagle turned out. I used the new GW paints to get the white feathers, and they're very pleasing in contrats with the browns.

The really fun part was using the brass rod to get the eagle airborn. While the model's green stuff was drying, I put it up on the GW plastic rod. Unfortunately, some glue rand down into the rod/eagle, and fused it in there. I accidently broke it off in the eagle soon thereafter. The solution was to go buy a 1/16th inch drill for my electric drill and then drill into the broken plastic rod and replace it with the brass rod. I actually like it more, because it's very thin and allows for a higher flying eagle. I'm thinking of using a longer brass rod on my previous eagle to get a much higher flyer.

Anyway, one model left for the 2,500 point Wood Elf version of this army, and that model will be up tomorrow.

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  1. You know, - I read that in "monkey's" voice..