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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chaos in the Old World Battle Report

Bart is writing battle reports for our Chaos in the Old World League at Sci Fi Genre.  Here's our first exhibition game.  I was so close with Khorne!

The league begins!

Players this time around:

Todays game (Exhibition Match - not scored):
Gods and Upgrade Choices (in order)

Khorne: Ben - Bloodsworn (attack for cultists), and bloodletters upgrade/+1 power

Nurgle: Collins - Great Unclean One upgrade

Tzeentch: Bart - +1 Power

Slaanesh: Brian - Seductress (+1 defense), +1 Power

Horned Rat: Tom - Cultists (additional cultist for 0 cost), Council of Thirteen (3rd card can be played in regions)

The game began with Khorne taking the center with bloodletters, starting in Brettonia and drifting southwards towards Nurgle who put all his eggs into Kislev. The horned rat took up position in the south west, in the badlands and the border princes. Tzeentch took up the north west with a temporal stasis in Estalia, and expanded some into Telia. In a sneaky (and somewhat sensual) move Slaanesh ignored the noble tokens in Brettonia and Troll Country, taking up residence in the badlands.

The next few turns saw Slaanesh drift towards Bretonnia, with some nicely played Fields of Ecstacy shutting down khorne, allowing the harvesting of sweet dial ticks and netting a quick Seductress upgrade, making his minions much more durable. The Horned Rat burst forward getting double dial ticks early on (although Tzeentch did his best to screw with things with some teleports and the text cancelling changer of ways). Tzeentch was able to move up fast in corruption and VPs as Khorne and Nurgle battled it out in the south, with Khrone either losing or tying on the dial in the first few rounds.

As things shifted to midgame, khorne began to clearly dominate the threat dial (once his cultist upgrade hit), with 4+ dial counters per round. Fate turned against Tzeentch as his fast progression in VPs and large surplus of corruption in Telia forced Khorne to move against him. Coupled with the corruption nuking old world card tzneetch was effectively shut down. A similar fate befell the Horned Rat, as his early game burst died down due to Khornes attention, a fragmented skaven token distribution, and two forced discards for a loss of 4 cards (Tom, did this hurt, or am I imagning that it did?).

Throughout this, due to Field of Ecstacy, Slaanesh was able to get a nasty corruption foothold in Brettonia coupled with dial ticks.

Finally in the endgame, the ruination of Brettonia was followed for an epic struggle for the ruination of the border princes. Slaneesh and Nurgle were both in the high 30s to low 40s in VPs, with Khorne right behind them on the dial. In the final conflict Khorne had to decide whether to stop Slaneesh or Nurgle. Unable to do both and assure a dial victory which was only one tick away, the game was deliverd onto Slaneesh.

1st Brian
2nd Collins
3rd Bart

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