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Friday, June 10, 2011

Storm of Magic Rumors

Could the above picture be one of the monsters we'll see in Storm of Magic? 

Anyway, here's some rumors from BramGaunt on Warseer.  Take with salt.

Oh, now that everybody posts, I might as well spill my guts.. I intended to wait another week, but ah, swell...

Storm of Magic will be a full-colour hardcover book, about half the thikness of the Core Rulebook, and at the price of, well, apoximatly one Leman Russ Battletank.
It's due for release the second saturday of July. Previews start the saturday befor.

There will be a multitude of kits and gimmicks to acompany them.

Plastic Boxed Sets are:

Chaos Lord on Manticore
Dark Elven Lord on Black Dragon

Both Kits are the same price as a similar High Elven Ridden Monster.

The saddle, Rider and (in case of the Dragon) the armour are completly optional.

There is also a Kit labeled
and one labeled
which are the same price as a 10 man Space Marines Squad.

There are also some Clampack releases:
Chaos Supreme Sorcerer
Supreme Sorcerer of Tzeentch
Vampirecounts Necromancer
Dark Elven High Sorceress

I don't know what these are made of. Since they are clampacked I guessed Finecast, but the price of, ah, well, lets say it in GBP: It's a one-digit-point-something Price lable.
Quiet affordable if it was finecast, but since hasitings said plastic sorceres... well... do the math.

Of course there is a whole bunch of playthings and gimmics aswell, like Vortex Templates (Like the Dark Eldar Wayportal template, only bigger), Dice, Battle Magic Cards (which apearently come in a cool box of sime Lost Arc style... with skulls of course...) and Focus Points (4 different ones).

Which brings us to rules.

Storm of Magic is for any Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army. It supports you with a alternative of Deployment, Magic and Army composition rules.

Game mechanics
While you place terrain, you deploy Magil Focus points. Think of these as landmarks inhibited with strong magics, like towers, magical stairs, Columns of Fire, or what ever. Each army starts with a designated number of Focus points, it depends of the scale of the game. 1 per army per 1000 points is, what I was told, suggested in the book.
You may place 1 Wizard including a mount on top of the Focus point, and one guarding unit within a limited space - enough to place about 30 standard base-sized miniatures, I was told. The rest of your army is deployed as usual.

The game is all about dominating these points, which grant great boni to your wizard while he stands atop of them. The Magic Phase is strongly buffed with 4D6 Power dice. In addition, you determine the ascending wind of magic at the beginning of each magic phase. (It's done randomly by some sort of tool, don't ask me what it is, I don't know, but apperantly it's not a dice.) Army book Lores are associated with Army book rules, for example if the Lore of Light is the Ascendand Lore this turn, High Magic is Ascended aswell (I don't know if High Lore is really associated with Lore of Light - it's simply a example of my understanding of the mechanics).

The Ascended magic gains a +4 bonus on attempts to cast their spells. You cannot change the Ascendend in any way, though it's determined new in every magic phase.

There is also a bunch of new spells which appearently give you the possibility not only to summon Monsters loke the Cockatrice, but also whole units from other armies. I personally didn't by this one. It was a long evening with a LOT of beer.

Take all of this with salt. And enjoy.

Interesting stuff.  I can't say I like or dislike the rumored rules just yet.  It'll take some pondering.

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  1. I haven't actually got around to playing Fantasy in the current edition, but this seems almost like a 40k-like expansion with objectives? Wizards are already a huge part of the game as far as I can see but it's cool that they get more focus.