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Monday, June 13, 2011

Storm of Magic Model Pictures

Especially since the Storm of Magic thread got deleted by the moderators at Warseer for whatever reason, I thought it'd be good to get these up here.   Normally, I'd give credit to the original posters, but I'm not able to do so because of the thread deletion. 

Word on the street is that these are all plastic, not Finecast.  We'll see.  I particularly like the Black Dragon and Sorceress models, and basically all the mages on foot are great!  The other monsters are good, but I'll have to really be wowed in person to pick one up, since they don't really fit in the core game.


  1. I like the Chimera and I may pick up a manticore for eventual use when I get around to re-building my Chaos...though it may be 9th or 10th edition by then!

    Also a fan of the first chaos sorcerer lord; being plastic should be easy to swap out that head...

  2. Plastic heroes would be a huge step in helping more gamers access the hobby.

  3. A friend of mine said the same thing about the plastic Chaos sorcerer's head. I am impressed by them being in plastic in the first place.