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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's Going on With This Storm of Magic?

Now that GW has a policy of not revealing any information until a week before release, there seems to be almost zero real information on the upcoming Storm of Magic release.  I know we're getting some monsters and wizards, but I wish I had some sort of information past that.  I have hopes that it will turn out one way, and not the other.

What I'd like to see is more options, such as an extended common magic item list, maybe some alternate lores, and some "allied" wizards and monsters.   Maybe it wouldn't be something that we could use in a competitive environment, but some fun alternate game play would be great.

What I'm hoping that Storm of Magic isn't is Fantasy Apocalypse.  I have no real interest in playing 10,000 point games with giant templates and monsters whose stats go to 11.  It's not that it wouldn't be fun, but it'd be fun once, and then I'd never play it again, just like Apocalypse. 

So here's hoping...and while I'm hoping, I also hope they'll get back to work putting out actual 8th Edition army books as soon as possible as well.


  1. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm guessing it will be exactly what you are hoping it isn't...fantasy apocalypse. Call me old and cynical (actually, just call me cynical) but that would fit into the recent GW approach very well. A variation on the game not really applicable to the vast majority of players used as a way to squeeze some more money from one group (vets/ adult players with cash). I really hope I'm wrong though...

  2. 2 issues here for me:

    1 - why do they insist on being hush hush? This is the age of information, why would you not want to build some excitment. I'm not saying give it all away, but I can tell you I'm pretty excited for Warmachine's Wrath release BECAUSE they've been previewing various things for months.

    2 - Again, one of my biggest issues with 8th edition is the lack of support for armies. "Sorry Ogre Kingdoms and Brets, we've released two army books now, see you, maybe in 2012!" It's honestly mind boggling.

  3. From what have heard you have monsters that are "bound" to wizards. Here come Warhammer Hordes.

  4. Dan, I don't think I wrote anything like that, and haven't heard anything to that end. I'm guessing it's just monsters and wizards that you can take as allies or something, but not that the monsters are attached to the wizards.

    Ben N. - I am frustrated by the long gap between 8th and the initial army books, and wish they'd speed more books along as well.

    Squeek - I'm a cynic as well with this, sadly.

  5. It was on Warseer, so take that for what it is worth