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Friday, June 3, 2011

Got my First Finecast Models In (with 100% Less Drama)

Yesterday evening, I came home from work to find a package on my table containing the Finecast models above.  I was a bit wary, having seen all the negatives online...but I kept telling myself that it was the internet, after all, and that people who claimed to have gone to a store and picked out the best model possible for their "reviews" most likely did just the opposite in order to get attention.

Mine were pretty much flawless.  There was a small amount of flash, which took all of a minute to scrape off.  Queek had a tiny piece of pink casting material on his back, which I picked off with my clippers. 

So here's a few positives (I know, I know...now I'm talking crazy!)  The material is crazy light, which means the Queek model, which in metal was a pain in the butt because of the precariously balanced heavy back rack, snapped together easily.  The parts, such as the arms, are socketed with triangles, which allow for really easy and sturdy construction and customization (by rotating the triangle).  Total assembly time for both models was about four-five minutes.

I'll hopefully be borrowing a metal Queek next week in order to really compare details, but the great thing with the new material vs. metal in that department straight off is I can see the details.  I've often been unable to see some of the fine detail on pewter models without priming white and then washing the model.  On the light gray, this isn't a problem.

On Monday, I'll have pictures up of my assembled models, and hopefully be able to compare the details in metal Queek vs. new Queek next week.  For now, the new Finecast is A+ in my book.

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