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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painted Treeman

Getting the Treeman done finishes up the "Wood" part of my Avelorn army for now.  What I have left to do on the Wood Elf side consists of Glade Guard and Eagles for now, and then I hope to either work on the High Elf side of Avelorn, or another army altogether for awhile.

I got this model in trade for painting an Arachnorok a while back, and made some small modifications.  I removed one of the legs in order to give the Treeman more of a "striding forward" look, and added in some of the Treekin parts to give him more short, aggressive limbs.  In painting the model, I continued to try and add as much color as possible, and pushed color on the base as well, even adding in some flowers.

The army as a whole is really starting to come together, with only a few models left to do.  In other news, this picture was taken with the IPhone 4S camera, which I mentioned yesterday.  I'm pretty amazed at how well it turned out. 


  1. Nice one, I like the highights on the wood :)
    Base looks great too, what are the flowers made of?
    And that is a startling improvement in your pictures, colors looks much clearer :)

    1. Thanks! The flowers are from Army Painter, I believe. It's the same company that I get the tufts of unruly grass from.

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