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Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Display Boards / Hobby Organization

After working on my first new army case/display board a while back, I decided to overhaul my hobby room and reorganize my models using these new boards.  I have quite a few models, so this took some work.  I started by spraying a few more sheets of steel and assembling a few more cases. 

Yellow and brown for the sand bases, and green and brown for the grass bases. 

I put in some more shelves in my office closet, and blam, things are a heck of a lot more organized.  The best part is, you can grab each individual army off the closet shelf in a case or two, reorganize a case to hold your current army list, and go. 

Should make life a lot easier!


  1. I work for a subcontracting company that installs that exact type of shelving (the ventilated closetmaid stuff,) so I have access to build a lot of free shelves in my tiny little apartment. I've been trying to think of a way to utilize it to hold my armies better, the upside-down tubs looks like an interesting idea.

    Are these plates all magnetized so that the models won't slide around or tip as often?

    1. Yes. The plates are just sheet metal, easily picked up at your local hardware store. They're sprayed to match the basing, and then glued down to the lid of the tub. Magnetize your models, and you're good to go to use these as storage and as a movement tray for tournaments.