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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wolf Scout Sergeant

So I'm cranking these Wolf Scouts out one at a time this week.  I base coated them this past weekend, but am giving each a couple hours each weekday evening for detail work.  This gent will be the sergeant.  A couple things to note:

I vastly prefer this snow, which is Gale Force Nine's, to Army Painters.  The difference is very noticeable even from a distance, in that Army Painter's snow is made of large grains which stand out from one another.  GF9's snow is made of smaller pieces, which go on more realistically and give the ground here a frosted, light snow look that I wanted. 

I plan on glazing the sword as a power sword, but wanted to try out the new GW glazes, for kicks.  I probably won't get my hands on that new paint for a couple of weeks. 

The eyes are painted and the gun barrel is drilled, as always.  You can't see those details as well due to the angle of the picture. 

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