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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brawler Bash Short Battle Reports, Round One

Golgor Fangs-First stepped down off of the Doombull's corpse, its heartblood still hot on his lips.  Yuri, his standard bearer, knocked away any Gor that came too close as the herd rushed in to devour the dozens of minotaur corpses that lay scattered in the clearing.  Golgor had dreamed the slaughter of the Bulls, and knew it to be a sign from the Dark Gods.  His shamans had confirmed the signs in the augurs.  The Minotaurs had failed, and were to be sacrificed.  In return, the Gods would bring Golgor primacy and great victory.

Golgor had killed every Minotaur himself, finally throttling the Doombull with his bare hands.  

Only Gor and their lesser kin now remained in Golgor's Horde.  Bestigor strode forward in huge ranks, knocking aside their smaller brethren.  Massive Gor herds formed up loosely on the sides.  Golgor screamed his rage and fury, and horns of bone and brass rang lustily in anticipation of the slaughter to come.  

The Northern Forests shook and crashed as the Horde of Golgor Fangs-First strode forward.

Game One

My first game at Brawler Bash was a grudge match against Joel Busta's Skaven in a Meeting Engagement scenario.   Joel is a great opponent and went on to win Best Sportsman.  Unfortunately, he had terrible luck and I had very good luck.  I came at his line aggressively, and managed to take down his lone abomination in combat with my Gor horde very early in the game.  Meanwhile, his two Warp Lightning Cannons and smaller warmachines continually misfired, failing to do any wounds to my army, and his Doomwheel destroyed itself in a forest.  After a particularly bad overrun, I did have some trouble when my Bestigor ran too far forward and were flanked by his Plaguemonks with the reroll banner.  I needed a three on my break check to keep them in the game, and made it.  By turn six, I had removed all of Joel's army aside from two units of Gutter Runners, which allowed me a big win. 

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