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Friday, April 13, 2012

Goals for the Weekend

This being the last weekend before Brawler Bash V, I find myself with a great many things that I need to do before the tournament in order to be prepared.  I have a theory that if I write these things down, especially publicly on this blog, that I will be more likely to to get everything done.  So here's my goals for the weekend:

*  Re-magnetize the Beastmen.  They started with rare earth magnets on the bases, but a great many have come off. 

*  Paint the two Thunderwolves as Razorgor.

*  Get my list and supplies all laid out for the tournament. 

*  Remake Jim Chadwick's Grail Quest Best Painted award.  It got messed up at the actual event, and since he's coming up for Brawler Bash this is a good time to get it to him.

*  Fix my herdstone, which popped off its base

*  Create the mystery item which will go out to my opponents at Brawler Bash...nope, it's not a gift of Nurgle, but it's still pretty good. 

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