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Monday, April 30, 2012

Brawler Bash Battle Reports - Round Two

Angry and tired after defeating the Skaven, Golgor's Horde moved on.  Only a day later, they came upon a tribe of Ogres, who had apparently prospered in raiding the surrounding areas and trading slaves to the Skaven in exchange for foul weaponry and armor.  Golgor's legions, hungry and irritable, knew that the Ogres would have plenty to loot, eat, and drink.  Before Golgor could even call the battle cry, the Horde surged forward, eager to kill the Ogres. 

My second game at Brawler Bash was against Dan Rothrock's Ogres.  The game was a straight battleline.  I like getting drawn up against Ogres, as I see Beastmen as a natural foil to the army.  Our weapon skill is naturally higher, our toughness helps with their strength four, and we can push out a great deal of mid to high strength attacks.  Furthermore, we have the numbers to withstand them and punish them in a grind. 

This fight was a fairly straight up slobberknocker, but I had a major problem early on when my Bestigor pursued a fleeing Sabretusk seventeen inches, pulling them massively out of position from my army and into position for most of his army to charge into them.  This was followed by Dan unleashing the Hellheart, which went the full thirty inches and caused all four of my wizards to miscast.  The nasty thing about that spell, aside from the obvious damage it wreaks, is the fact that it effectively ends a magic phase, so my Bestigor were hanging out in the breeze with no hope of buffs.  They were broken and run down. 

My Gor, General, and BSB were still alive, as was the Shadow wizard, and they managed to carve out huge chunks of the Ogre army.  I had a Chariot also do wonderful things on a flank, killing two or three of the units that the Bestigors had mauled before dying.  It was rough lacking the Bestigors' punch, and I ended up losing one Gor horde and my General.  My BSB held on by sheer luck, and I had a Gor herd hanging back, but Dan lost everything except his General and an Ironblaster when the game ended.  I'm not sure if I would have been okay on the next turn, but since the game ended, I managed a decent win, getting just shy of maximum points, while Dan got a lot of points in his loss. 

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