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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Army of Avelorn: Painted Spellweaver

This will be my first entry for Warseer's Fantasy Tale of Painters, since the one model weighs in at around 300 points all by herself (the minimum monthly entry for ToP is 200 points).  I needed time to assemble some of the other models, like Glade Guard, so painting a single model seemed a great way to both get that time and to continue to work on the paint scheme. 

I'm pleased with the eyes, basing, greens, blue, and the wood.  I would have liked the Spites on the base to come out a little brighter, and I think the gold works well in some places, but lacks a bit of definition on her back.  Overall, I'm highly pleased with the results, and feel that this scheme will make a gorgeous High Elf / Wood Elf army...in a year or so. 

Comments and criticisms are always welcome. 


  1. Good start all around. I always struggle with non-silver metals. Recently I've been painting bronze-ish colors by painting Dark Flesh as a basecoat first. It has been helping with some shading and gives better coverage. Maybe try a lighter brown color for your gold?


  2. I'll give that a try! The basecoat here was a bronze, but I don't think it really shaded all that much compared to the gold. I'm going to hit the back gold with a bit of a wash on this model.