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Friday, September 9, 2011

Painted Chaos in the Old World: Slaneesh

The forces of Slaneesh were actually the first "army" that I painted for Chaos in the Old World, in order to try out some of the purple paints I wanted to use on my last few Beastmen.  Although I'm not thrilled with how the eyes came out, I got better at it as time went on.

In game, Slaneesh has the versatility to either win by corrupting nobles and therefore gettting ticks on its dial, or simply by corrupting regions and winning on points.  The most popular Slaneeshi upgrades allow for cultists to double their defense, making them difficult to dislodge from regions.  Slaneesh can also slow Khorne down by disallowing combat in a region.


  1. They look good.

    I hadn't considered painting these guys (frankly I have a hard enough time getting motivated to paint my armies, much less pieces for a board game), but they do stand out. Do you think that it might prove more difficult for new players to differentiate the pieces in the future (since they're not as blatantly purple as they once were)?

  2. On the cultists, I left the base colors the same (so purple robes for Slaneesh, blue for Tzeentch, etc.). With the lesser and greater daemons, they really stand out once painted, and they're not tricky to tell apart.

    The great thing about painting these is you can finish an entire "army" in a few hours, which is really satisfying and gives a great sense of accomplishment.

  3. Yeah, it's pretty obvious to me that these are purple, but just not as glaringly so as they were originally. I guess they have pictures on the cards that correspond with figures though, right?

  4. Nah, there aren't pictures...I guess I've never run into any problems personally, though!