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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Five to Six Thousand Points of Painted Beastmen

There it is, my complete Beastman collection, all painted.  It's not on its actual display board, but on a bigger board where it all fits.  The points are based on how you choose to count upgrades such as command and wargear, since the army can build many different kinds of lists.  The models are:

Two Wargor/Beastlords
One Wargor BSB
Three Great Bray Shamans or Bray Shamans
One Malagor
One Gorros
One Doombull
One hundred Gor
Sixty Ungor
Seven Razorgor Chariots
Twenty Chaos Warhounds
Fifty Bestigor
Six Minotaur
Two Razorgor
Ten Centigor
One Giant/Ghorgon/Cygor
One Herdstone

for roughly 270 models and 5,000 to 6,000 points.

Total project time was roughly nineteen months, which includes painting about 2,500 points and then stripping it as unsatisfactory, and then painting the entire army again. 


  1. Impressive! That's a lot of chariots (and bestigors, and other stuff!).

  2. You area braver man than I! I could never strip 2500 points of anything and start over.


  3. Quite an accomplishment! Nice work on the army. Isn't it a good feeling to sit back and KNOW that you have accomplished something, especially as time consuming and tedious as painting an army. Nicely done.

  4. Simon: My original scheme was more or less the GW standard Beastmen scheme with snow bases. I realized two things at 2500 points: I hated snow bases as they were a pain to work with, and I found my paint scheme extremely dull to look at and to paint. Honestly, it seemed like a bigger problem to paint the rest of the models in a way I hated than to start over.

    Squeek: Thanks man!

    JunglesofLustria: I sat on my laurels for three whole days, and now I'm starting up the new project...idle hands and all that.

  5. I have a place in heart for massive armies! Nice work!

  6. Wow, that is a crap-tonne (metric or imperial) of beastmen. Have about 3,000 points of them myself, so I can feel some sympathy for the amount of work you must have done.

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