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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painted Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat

Just when I had Chaos in the Old World figured out, along came The Horned Rat expansion and threw everyone for a loop.  Not only did it change the basics for the four Chaos Gods, but it introduced a fifth god as well. 

The Horned Rat pieces were fun to paint, although there are (shock!) a whole lot of them.  I decided to go with an "albino" Vermin Lord and gray and brown Rat Ogres and Clanrats.  To make them stand out as Skaven, I used a green metallic color for the base trim, so that they would have a "warpstone" feel and also so they would pop on the table. 

In game, the Horned Rat can easily swarm the table via upgrades or play very deviously by playing one more card per territory than is usually allowed.  A good Horned Rat player can piggyback on Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaneesh in gaining partial credit for their corrupted territories, although Clanrats are a particularly tasty target for Khorne.


  1. We have found that Khorne needs to keep the Skaven in check otherwise they just corrupt a province and use that upgrade card to skip to the next and do the same. Having their clanrats count as corruption tokens is pretty nuts!

  2. Absolutely! I think a good Khorne player who knows what needs to happen is vital to playing a good game of CitOW if all the players are experienced.