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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Battle Report: Beastmen vs. Daemons of Chaos, 2500 points

While I forgot to take pictures, here's a quick summary of a game I played this Tuesday against Bart's Daemons of Chaos.

I took:

Doombull with rerollable 1+ armor, 5+ ward, ASF sword
Level 4 Great Bray Shaman with 4+ Ward and Lore of Shadow
Wargor BSB with 4+ Ward Armor, Great Weapon
Level 1 Shaman with Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll
44 Gor with Banner
10 Gor with Banner
10 Ungor with Banner
10 Ungor with Banner
Five Ungor Raiders
Five Ungor Raiders
Five Minotaurs with Banner
24 Bestigor with Flaming Banner

Bart had:

Lord of Change that knew all of the Lore of Tzeentch
Level 2 Herald of Tzeentch that knew all of the Lore of Life, and was a BSB with a stubborn banner.
10 Horrors to bunker the BSB.
3 Bloodcrushers accompanied by a Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaught.
~30 Daemonettes with a Herald of Slaneesh
~30 Bloodletters
6 Flamers

We played Battleline.  The only terrain that came into play was a Wyrding Well in the middle of the board.  I deployed my Ghorgon and Ungor block on the right, Razorgor and Raiders on the left, and left the Minos, big Gor block, and Bestigor in the middle.  I left the small Gor unit and second units of Ungor and Raiders in Ambush.  Bart deployed his Bloodletters and Daemonettes in the middle with his Flamers, and put the Bloodcrushers and Lord of Change on the flank opposite my Razorgor.

First Turn

I got first turn, moved up aggressively, and then used Wyssan's Wildform to buff my Minotaurs so that they would be a less tempting target for shooting.  Bart also moved forward but didn't charge, and then killed some of my Bestigor with shooting and magic.

Second Turn

I charged the Flamers with Bestigor, the Bloodletters with Minotaur, and Daemonettes with Gors and the Ghorgon.  Magic led to reduced weapon skill for the Bloodletters and reduced toughness for the Daemonettes, although my Level 4 miscast and became a Level 1.  I won all three combats, almost wiping out the Daemonettes but not doing anything too terrible to the Bloodletters and Flamers.  My razorgor moved up to block a future charge from the Bloodcrushers and keep them from assisting the Flamers for a turn.  In the bottom of turn two, Bart killed the Razorgor and his Daemonettes were wiped out.

Third Turn

At this point, the Minotaurs wiped out the Bloodletters, and the Bestigor wiped out the Flamers.  In addition, the Ghorgon and some ambushing Ungor raiders charged in and killed the Horrors and Daemon BSB.  My minotaurs, except for the Doombull, were killed by the Lord of Change's magic.  Bart's Bloodcrushers killed my BSB and Bestigors, but then overran into the solo Doombull, where they were punched hard in the face and died.

Fourth Turn

My Ghorgon charged into the remaining Herald of Khorne, which was killed by the Doombull.  Because of where the Lord of Change was positioned, the Ghorgon could have overrun into it on the roll of a seven, but unfortunately only overran five.  At this point, we called the game as a massacre for the Beastmen.


  1. "I got first turn, moved up aggressively, and then used Wyssan's Wildform to buff my Minotaurs"

    What Minotaurs? I don't see any in your list.

  2. Whoops! This is what happens when you write your posts at six in the morning when you first wake up. I've edited the post to include the five minotaurs that I had. Thanks for the catch!

  3. Congratulations on the win, and thanks for taking the time to report it.

    I'm interested in how you use those units of 10 Ungors. Are they just extra banners in case you play a Blood and Glory game, or do you use them for clever things? They don't look like they would achieve a great deal at only 10 strong, even with ambushing one of the herds.

  4. They're good for Blood and Glory banners, and I either use them to ambush for warmachines or other juicy targets or deploy them normally and then redirect enemy hammer units.