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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Avelorn Basing

One of the things that I've been dinged on in the past with my armies has been basing, and rightly so.  I went with plain sand (Space Marines and Dark Elves), plain winter grass (Bretonnians), and a mix of dirt and yellow/green grass that ended looking bland (Beastmen).  When I started the Army of Avelorn, I was determined that my basing would be excellent and would really add to the army. 

Basing for the army begins with either dark brown basing sand or a mix of said sand and painted cork (for back ranks).  Bright spring grass is added, followed by a combination of small rocks, lichen, and/or tufts of wilderness and swamp grasses.  The idea is to make a really verdant base, and use the cork, sand and rock to break up the colors with grays and browns. 

It's a bit more work than it's been in the past, but the idea is to constantly improve with the models, and I think it's a step in the right direction.


  1. Your bases look great! I feel bad for being one of those who said you should improve your basing, but someone once told me the same thing. It took me many years to change how I did bases, and once I did I never looked back.

    I think you will be impressed at how much better your painting looks on a better base, and it really is easy to do. One good thing is that your WE army is probably much smaller than your BM and DE armies.

    I look forward to now having to earn more battle points to beat you, instead of relying on soft scores :)

  2. Thanks Tony! Unfortunately, this army will incorporate good chunks of both the High Elf and Wood Elf range, so it's a lot of models, but it will be worth it to have it look good.

    It's no worries on telling me that I could improve my bases. It was true and wasn't harsh. Honest, constructive feedback is always most welcome.