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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beastmen Book Review, Part Four (Specials and Rares)

Ah, the Special and Rare choices.  This is where the book really shines.  Shall we?


Minotaurs - While still glass cannons, these bad boys can boast S7 attacks with Great Weapons, or more S5 attacks with Additional Hand Weapons.  They're not badly priced, and like the Hero and Lord level Bulls have Bloodgreed, which means the more that they win, the stronger they get.  I had one the other night dishing out 10 attacks.  An easy A.

Centigors - Initially, I didn't like these much, and it's tough to justify using them in the Special slot.  Lots of S5 attacks with a long charge range is nice, but it's rough right now to justify them when there are better choices.  B-.

Harpies - Flying scouts to march block your opponent on his first turn are a must.  My opponent last night was march blocked on turn one, and stayed that way the entire game.  A+.

Bestigors - They wouldn't be awful...if they were core, or had options, or were cheaper.  But they're none of these things, and so they get a C-.

Razorgors - Fast, tough, fear causing hurt machines.  I haven't quite figured them out yet on the table, but I like their ability a lot.  They make a good complement to Minotaurs, and I think will be excellent in combination. B+

Razorgor Chariot - Just because of the slot, I'd be more tempted to run these as character mounts.  They'll hit like a truck, though, and keep on chewing.  B.


Spawn - Spawn are pretty neat, and are the cheapest Rare choice.  Unfortunately, they're not neat enough compared to the other nasties we have.  However, if you're strapped for points, these are a decent investment.  B.

Giants - A little cheaper, and a little better.  Again, not one of the terrible nasty choices you'll get elsewhere, but it still does everything that a Giant does, and can regain wounds now as well.  B.

Ghorgon - S6, T6, W6.  Seven attacks with Frenzy, and has Bloodgreed.  In two games, while this guy hasn't done a ton of killing for me, he has managed to tie up the nasty hitting power in the other player's list for several turns.  I don't care about his silly regen attack, which I'll most likely never, ever use.  It's his sheer destructive power, and M7, which make him a great choice.  A+.

Jabberslyth - Like the Ghorgon, he's an amazing distraction.  He was my MVP last night, and forces people to either ignore the rankbreaker in your back or turn your army around.  A.

Cygor - I haven't used him yet, but a Stonethrower that can mess with magic phases is nothing to scoff at.  He'll die to basic troops, but he should beat anything remotely magic down pretty well.  I like the possibilities for first turn assassinations.  A.

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