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Friday, February 19, 2010

Grail Quest 2010 Sportsmanship and Painting Scores Format


Soft scores at tournaments are always controversial.  Last year, at Grail Quest, I handed out separate painting and sportsmanship scores, but kept the main rankings limited to Battle Points.  This year, I'm including painting and sports, but they still will have a low impact on the Overall winner.

Each game will get you (with points in parentheses):
Massacre (15) / Solid Victory (12) / Marginal Victory (10) / Draw (5) / Lose (0)?
You can also earn 2-3 points per round in Scenario Points.

Each round, players will use the following Painting Checklist, each of which awards a painting point:

• The army looks like a cohesive force (or Bretonnian Pageantry, etc.)

• The army is colored in a pleasing and consistent manner.

• The army uses highlighting or shading techniques to add depth and lighting to the models.

• Character models and army centerpieces stand out.

• Time was taken to paint the details of the models/units to bring out the individuality of the army (i.e. gems, lenses, ribbons, etc).

• The army is in the top 25% of armies represented at this tournament.

• The army is in the top 10% of armies represented at this tournament.

• All models are based in a consistent or cohesive manner

• The army contains some conversions.

• Some models have extensive and intricate basing.

They also answer the following Sportsmanship Questions, each awarding a Sportsmanship Point:

1. Was your Opponent on Time and Prepared to play with all needed items? YES/NO

2. Did your Opponent Measure accurately and play at a timely pace? YES/NO

3. Did your Opponent know his/her rules and handle rules disputes reasonably? YES/NO

4.  My opponent was (Circle One):
a.  The worst opponent I ever played
              b.  An awful sportsman
              c.  An average sportsman
              d.  A better than average sportsman
              e.  A very good sportsman
              f.  My new Super Best Pal for Life / The Best Durn Sportsman Ever

If you chose option a. or f., explain why:

The formula for best overall is:
Overall Score = (Game and Battle Points) + (Average Painting Score / 2) + (Average Sportsmanship / 2) + (Points for being chosen as someone's favorite opponent (1) and painted army for the day (.5).)

So if Bob Smith had 48 Battle and Game Points from Playing, an Average Paint Score from opponents after three games of 6 (I believe it's out of eight), had a Sports score of 5 (again out of eight), and had one Best Painted (.5) and one favorite opponent (1)...he'd end up with 48+(6/2)+ (5/2)+.5+1 = 55, with soft scores contributing 7 points.

I'm giving prizes for:

Best Overall
Best General
Second Best Overall
Third Best Overall
Best Sports
Best Painted Army

I expect about $300 in the overall prize pool minimum, so prizes should be good. 

Ideas and opinions on this are very welcome, as I'm always looking to improve the system. 

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