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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interlude: 2250 Beastmen First Game!


Last night, I got to field my new Beasts for the first time, and play against the new Skaven for the first time, all in one game!  Tom is one of my regular opponents here in Durham, and is a great guy to play against.  
I brought:  

Doombull with Brass Cleaver, Blackened Plate, Shield, Gouge Tusks, and Gnarled Hide
Gorebull with Ramhorn Helm, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sword of Battle
Gorebull with Chalice of Dark Rain, Biting Blade, Heavy Armor, Shield
Bray Shaman with two Dispel Scrolls
Eight groups of five Ungor Raiders
Five Warhounds (with the Doombull)
Two groups of three Minotaurs with Additional Hand Weapons (each got a Gorebull)
Two Razorgors
Five scouting Harpies

He brought (from memory):
Gray Seer on a Bell w/ 40+ Clanrat Warriors
Plague Priest on a Furnace w/ 35+ Plague Monks
Three Units of 25+ Slaves
Two units of Plague Censer Bearers
Doom Wheel 
Hell Pit Abomination

He had two huge unbreakable units in the middle, with the Wheel and the HPA on (my) left flank.  His two units of Censer Bearers covered his other flank and rear, with slaves scattered through the line.  

I put my two units of Minotaurs and my unit of Hounds down in the middle, and covered them with screening Ungor Raiders.  The Ghorgon held my left flank, and the Jabbersclythe my right with the Razorgors.  My harpies managed to scout behind some trees on his right flank. 

First Turn:

On my first turn, three units of Ungor Raiders ambushed in on the right side of the board near his line.  They didn't do anything, but were march blocking some slaves, which would soon spark the wimpiest side war in game history, in which fifteen Ungor Raiders and twenty-five slaves battled the whole game for a board quarter.  The rest of my stuff moved up.

On his turn, his Doom Wheel shot forward eighteen inches towards my Ghorgon!  It then misfired, and shot another eighteen inches off the side of the board!  His lines moved up, but I just managed to hold down his shooting and magic.  

Turn Two:  

I moved my lines up a bit more, and used my Ungor Raiders to make him charge me with his big blocks and turn them at an angle.  I did the same to his Abomination.  I charged his Slaves with one group of Ungor Raiders, who managed to whittle away at them, but lost just the same...they held on, though!  

In his turn, he charged with his Abomination and two big blocks.  Shockingly, they destroyed my Ungors.  The Plague Monk block overran through some other Ungors, who fled, into one of my Minotaur Groups.  Whoops!  The Abomination overran and was hanging out in front of my Doombull (who would charge it in the front) and the other Minotaur group (who would flank it).  His Doom Wheel came back on and shot my Ghorgon for three wounds. 

Turn Three: 

My Jabbersclythe charged a unit of Censer Bearers and ate them, but had a huge overrun to land in front of another group of Censer Bearers.  My Doombull charged his Abomination, as did the other Minotaurs.  The Doombull promptly beat it to death...wow!   It was at this point that I really started to realize his monstrous potential, which would come out full force this game.  The Minotaur group that had been waiting to fight the Abom had a nice overrun into the side of the Plague Monk block, while the Doombull charged into the front of some Slaves.   This allowed me to use the Minotaurs in the Plague Monk Combat.  Long story short, I chopped up 15-20 monks, and he wounded the Minotaurs in front just a bit.  I win, but he's unbreakable.  

In his turn, he killed my Jabberslythe, and then his Doomwheel got S 10 shots and killed my Ghorgon.  My Doombull killed his Slaves, and my Minotaurs continued to grind Plague Monks, steadily getting more and more frenzied.  My Razorgors were stuck out on the east side of the board, and one would die to Crack's Call.  The harpies and remaining Ungors were hanging out and claiming quarters.  

Turn Four:  

I continued to grind Plague Monks.  My Doombull headed over near his other big block.  I should note that his other big block had pretty much gotten stuck between the Plague Monk combat, my Razorgors, and a river, and was trying to back up to do something.  It hadn't moved all that much.  

In his turn, he shot some Minotaurs with his Doom Wheel, but they finally killed the Plague Monks and the Furnace.  At this point, they were each attacking a lot.  

Turn Five:  

My turn started with one Gorebull charging his Doomwheel, and everything else charging the front of his huge Gray Seer / Clanrat block.  They killed roughly twenty of the rats in one round of combat, and he didn't do much back.  My Gorebull on his Doomwheel (there to keep it out of the back of my Doombull) did some wounds to it, lost, and held.  

In his turn, I killed the remaining Clan Rats, and his Doomwheel killed my Gorebull.  At this point, my regular surviving Minotaur was making ten attacks a turn, and my Doombull was making thirteen or fourteen.  It was nuts.  

Turn Six:

My Doombull beat his Gray Seer to Death despite the 4+ Ward Save, and my Minotaur and Gorebull killed his BSB.  I moved the Harpies over to prevent his Doom Wheel from charging my Doombull.  In his turn, he killed the Harpies.  

Results and Analysis:  

I killed everything he had on the table minus the Doom Wheel.   He killed about 1100 points worth of stuff, mainly the two big monsters, 1.5 units of Minotaurs, a Gorebull and a couple handfuls of Raiders.  

Minotaurs are real combat monsters, and against big blocks of unbreakable stuff will just go absolutely crazy.  Combined with the Brass Cleaver, there were a few turns of the Doombull dishing out over a dozen S6 attacks.  Getting these guys into combat is awesome.  

Ungor Raiders are, as expected, a pain in the opponent's butt.  Protecting the big guys is something I need to work on, but they keep the opponent busy trying to get them killed.   Overall, I'm pleased with the army's performance, and will see where they go from here.  


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