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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lokhir Fellheart

Last night at around nine p.m., I finished up my Dark Elf Manticore.  Sighing, I set it down on the table, and looked over the one hundred plus painted Dark Elf models nearby.  He was my last Dark Elf model that I needed to paint.  Project complete.
Or so I thought.  

As I lay in bed last night, a face came to mind.  A squiddy face.  It was Old Lokhir Fellheart, and he wanted to know what was up with not being painted.  After all, he's the reason I bought into a Dark Elf army in the first place. 

Lokhir was actually the first Dark Elf model that I painted.  He was also the only model that I became so disgusted with as to strip the whole thing down to do again.  His pieces went into a ziploc bag, and were stored in a drawer to get to later.  

So it is that I'll begin my Dark Elf army where I started.  This evening, I'll paint Lokhir Fellheart.  My entire Dark Elf army will watch from shelves above as their primogenitor is painted anew, and this time, I hope not to have to strip him down again.  

The way is clear for The Beastmen.  Pictures of the completed army are coming this week.  Cheers!

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