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Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Your Local Meta?


It's my belief (and a not too controversial one) that the way we play is shaped by the players around us.  While there are many aspects to this, one of the most basic things we can look at are the armies around us.  While planning for a local tournaments, many of us think about the armies we are most likely to face.  For Warhammer Fantasy, I know that the following armies are in the area and likely to appear.

One Bretonnian
Two Dark Elves
One Daemons
Two Vampire Counts
One Warriors of Chaos
Two Lizardmen
Two Skaven
One Dwarfs
One Empire
One Orcs and Goblins
One Ogres

It's a good mix.  I also know that magic is not super popular in the area, but that I have to be prepared for a decent chance of hitting either Vampires or Lizards, who can maul you with the magic phase.  I know that with my Dark Elves, I can usually get a speed advantage on many of the armies.  I'm lucky in that Daemons are relatively rare in the area.

So what's your local meta look like? 


  1. Hmm. I can't really break it up into armies as everyone has multiple forces!

    Lately it has been something like:

    Two Bretonnians
    Two Orcs and Goblins
    Two Dwarfs
    Two High Elves
    Two Vampire Counts
    Two Wood Elves
    Three Lizardmen
    Three Skaven
    Three Dark Elves
    Three Daemons
    Four Warriors of Chaos
    Five Empire

    And me... the one Ogre player. Now that I am moving my scene will be much smaller (or nonexistent).

  2. That's a really great spread you have going. Daemons and Dark Elves are well represented, but so is everyone else.