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Monday, February 22, 2010

Grail Quest 2010 Results


Grail Quest Results
Best Overall - Lon Sims
Best General - Bart Bartkowiak
Second Overall - Steve McNamara
Third Overall - Ian Holland
Best Sportsmanship - Tony Nelson
Best Painted - Brett White

And the overall Battle Score Breakdown:

Player Name Overall Battle
Lon Sims 48
Bart Bartkonian 39
Steve McNamara 37
Ian Holland 36
Justin Nolan 33
Lance Lagroue 30
Charlie Hand 30
Collins Mullen 29
Nate White 26
Tony Nelson 24
Chris Robertson 22
Erik Lindley 18
Blair Anderson 18
Robert Gifford 18
Reid McCurry 18
Tom Geater 18
Brett White 17
Michael Ryker 16
Marcus Davis 15
Kevin Lindley 12
Tim Morton 11
Adam Wright 6
Pat Morten 1
Dallas Posey -1

Congratulations to everyone who attended, and thank you so much for making this such a great success this year. 


  1. Thanks for running a great tournament. The extra space at Sci-Fi really helped. The scenarios were a blast to play as well, and I really liked the frenchie shooting arrows one.

  2. Thanks! I tried not to make the scenarios too intrusive, and I'm glad you enjoyed them. Congratulations on Best Sports!