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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seven Thousand Points of Painted Dark Elves


So here we have it, roughly 7,000 points of Dark Elves, fully painted.  I worked that out roughly in a spreadsheet yesterday, and can just do a bit over 7,000 if I really stretch the upgrades.   It's a very reasonable 6,000. 

Here's what's pictured:
Lords on Dragon and Manticore
Sorceress on Pegasus
Three Sorceresses on Foot
Lokhir Fellheart
Three Assassins
Four Heroes on Foot
Three Heroes on Horses
Cauldron of Blood and Attendants
Fifteen Shades
Fifteen Executioners
Twenty Black Guard
Six Cold One Knights
Two Cold One Chariots
Ten Witch Elves
Forty Five Spearmen
Thirty Crossbowmen
Twenty Dark Riders
Twenty Corsairs
Two Bolt Throwers

So yeah....I'm assembling Beasts now.  Seven down, only a couple hundred to go!


  1. That's a lot of elves! What happened to Lokhir? Did he get painted?

  2. Yep, everything is painted now. I might do some touchups over the next few months, but we're good to go.