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Monday, April 19, 2010

Beast Week!

It's not as good as Shark Week, but what the heck!  I have a 2,250 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament coming up this Saturday, April 24th.  I'd love to run my Beastmen instead of my Dark Elves, but they need to be fully and decently painted by then, and have a display board.  Here's my list, and what I have done:

Beastlord (Unpainted)
Two Gorebulls (Painted)
One Shaman (Painted)
Thirty Ungor Raiders (Painted)
Ten Warhounds (Painted)
Three Minotaurs (Painted)
Three Minotaurs (Unpainted)
Three Razorgors (Unpainted)
Ten Bestigors (Unpainted)
Ghorgon (Unpainted)
Cygor (Unpainted)

So, can I get a Beastlord, Ten Bestigors, Three Minotaurs, Three Razorgors, a Ghorgon and a Cygor painted in five days?  Let's find out!