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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tale of Painters for April (Month 8)

I got a bit of work done this month for the Tale of Painters project on Librarium Online.  I managed to turn something in on all five of my armies in progress, which is always a challenge.  I submitted:

20 Corsairs with Full Command
Six Doom Reavers
Wrong Eye and Snapjaw (also used as Beastmen models)
An Imperial Fists Dreadnought.

For the next month, I'm hoping to finish:

An Imperial Fists Tactical Squad
Khador Mechanics and a Greylord Ternion for Khador.
Rorsch and Brine for Trollbloods (with Brine also being a Beastmen Razorgor)

I'm also entering a contest on Librarium Online to paint 1,000 points in 24 hours, and will do so with Beastmen next week.  So I suppose whatever I manage to finish there will be my entry.

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