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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Debate: Playing Non-GW Models in Tournaments

Saturday's tournament went well.  Twenty-four people attended, and I ended up tied for second overall with my Beastmen, and missed first by two points out of 121.  I had two big wins and a loss, with great comp, sports, and painting scores. 

There was apparently some discussion among some players about my army having non-GW models.  Some players thought that because my army contains some non-GW models, that my painting score should be docked.  It wasn't an official GW tournament or anything similar, and GW models weren't part of the tournament requirements or suggestions, so I was a bit confused.  This is the first army I've ever run with any non-GW stuff, and it has five different models in it, such as Privateer Press' Lug model, to represent Heroes and differentiate them from things like the standard Minotaur model.  Everything was WYSIWYG and explained.  I didn't want to use the exact same GW Minotaur Hero model over and over.  The goal is to make my army different and fun, and make it stand out. 

So my question to my readers is, because I'm unfamiliar with using non-GW models, is whether it is common to have painting scores docked a little for not having GW models in non-GW tournaments?  I'm not offended, but if this is standard practice, I'm going to have to change my army to only be GW.

Here are my non-GW models in total:

Privateer Press' Snapjaw - Gorebull
Privateer Press' Lug - Gorebull
Privateer Press' Brine - Razorgor
Privateer Press' Wrong Eye - Bray Shaman
Anima Tactics Beast Lady Nahimana - Beast Lord


  1. I really don't understand that attitude at non-GW events. Variety is good - while I like a lot of GW figs, I like a lot of other figs too. If the fig is appropriate/can be easily explained what it is, don't restrict yourself and don't restrict others.

  2. I have never seen a tournament outside of an official GW GT that prevented you from using non-GW models. Keep your army the way it is. PM me if you have any concerns with how that tournament was run since I couldn't make it.

    I could care less what company someone gets their models from as long as you can tell what it is. Bobby's troll army that was there had a lot of non-GW models (mostly Warmachine trollbloods).

  3. If there weren't any stated requirements in the tournament rules I don't understand what everyone was upset about.

    I know the GW requires you to use only GW models at their tournaments but, like you said, this wasn't a GW tournament.

    Either way, congrats on the second place finish!

  4. The tournament was run great, and I had a fantastic time. It got back to me later that some players had discussed how my painting score should be lower because of non-GW. I'm honestly not upset at it; I was just curious as to whether this was enough of a concern for people normally that I should remove my PP and Anima models.

  5. Bah, whoever gave you a hard time is being way too anal. Keep them. They add flavor and are easily identifiable as the unit they represent.

  6. Cool is cool!
    Your models are just there for aesthetic purposes, you're using legal rules, ignore the haters.