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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Daily Challenge 4/16/10: Introduction

I have the day off today, and aside from some errands I have to run this morning, I'll have intermittent work to do with some grading at home.  I've decided to play with two different things:

1.  Watching reruns of my current obsession, "Survivor".  I've worked my way through the first five seasons, so we're going with Season Six in the Amazon today.  And yeah, it's weird that I like Survivor.  I like camping, competitions, and young ladies in bikinis.  What can I say?

2.  I'm going to paint a whole bunch of models.  Specifically, I have ten Chaos Warhounds and three Minotaurs.  The missus will be home in about six to seven hours.  We'll see how it goes, and update through the day, so stay tuned. 


  1. 1. Is this why you watch it when the missus is out the house? -__^

    2. And we shall be waiting. And watching. And waiting. And watching...And... well, you know.

  2. I've got primering and hopefully painting to do today, but I'll be watching and waiting also. Good luck!