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Monday, April 12, 2010

Thanks to the Charlotte Folks for a Great Tournament!

Saturday saw me down in Charlotte for a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne.  The Charlotte folks are a ton of fun and are gracious hosts, and their tournament was well run and organized.   The scenarios were of a great caliber, as they were good fun without unbalancing any parts of the core game.

Charlie Hand finished first, with Ian Holland second, and Lance Lagroue third.   I finished fourth, just off Lance's total, and since we had played in the second round, that match up really determined where the two of us finished.  I'm pleased with my Beasts and their performance, but still made a few boneheaded moves throughout the day as I continue to learn to play my army and this game.   Even when you've been at it for years, it's nice to know that improvement can still be an achievement at every event.

I'm now looking to High Point's tournament in a couple weeks.  I'm not sure my Beasts will be table ready if there are painting requirements, but hopefully I can put some hard work into them and make it happen.


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