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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wintery Display Board (with River o' Blood!)

Beast Week Continues!

The Bestigor are painted, which we'll save for another day, and now the winter / River of Blood display board is done. 

I used a glue/baking soda/ and static grass combination to make the winter, along with some Christmas display trees I bought a few years ago.  The River of Blood is made with red food coloring and clear caulk, and I'll have to get a post up about that experience down the road.  Let's just say it's a much more difficult process than I thought it would be.  After this bad boy dries, I'm going to run some more red paint over the river to flesh it out more. 

I still have a Ghorgon, Cygor, three Minos, three Razorgors, and a Beastlord to paint, which will hopefully happen tomorrow. 

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