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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Basing Question

Dear Internet Reader Type Folks:

I'm finishing up my Beastmen, and when I start my new army, I'd like to add more substantial basing.  Normally, I glue the model to the base, and then paint and base from there.  I'm thinking about basing separately and painting the model and the base before attaching the two to one another.  My concern is that the model will not be as firmly attached to the base, and that it will fall off and break more easily.  How does one base first and then attach the model to the base firmly?  Any help on the subject would be much appreciated.


  1. What I do Is use a decent epoxy modelling clay, such as milliput or Magic scuplt - something that sets hard and sandable/carvable, but dosent need heat (poor plastic bases) as my "ground" and elaborate on that accordingly.

    for my current space wolves hat means blobbing a bit on, scuplting smooth contours to serve as snow and embedding wood, cork or milliput rocks.

    for my GK termies last year, it was various bits of "scrap metal" and gravel, ("how to at the end of this article - http://excommunicatetratoris.blogspot.com/2010/01/tutorial-aobr-terminator-to-grey-knight.html) I was using wood filler then, but it can have a tendacy to "pop off" the base. it glues back on easy but a putty with mode adhesion removes the issue.

    I think it would be easier to advise If I knew what kind of basing you wanted. for my recent Malifaux figs I've just been sculpting paving and kerb stones... anything is acheivable, it's about what you want to do !

  2. oh and to actually answer the question.. pin it and superglue, :)

  3. I am currently basing my Blood Angel assault marines in a "running" position. Using a pin vice and paper clips, I drill a hole into the portion of my model to be attached to the base, and a hole into the base itself. I pin the model to the base using the paper clip. Since GW bases have hallow bottoms, I use a little green stuff on the under side of the base- around the paper clip.

    Good luck!

  4. pinning is my tip as well. I'd think it'll hold well enough :)

  5. Hey,

    I've been struggling with this of late as well, trying to figure out the best order of things. What I am currently experimenting with, and liking (especially on character models and impressive stuff) is the following:

    I will spread a thin layer of green stuff on the base. Usually, this is necessary anyway to cover up the slot in the base that can be seen. Even if there isn't a base, I will put a small amount on. Then I'll dip the models feet and slot (if it has one) in water and press it into the green stuff. Once this hardens, it gives me an imprint of where my models feet are, so I can flock and do the whole base, without having the model rest on an uneven surface.

    Also, for pinning I've started using a piece of paperclip that is like 6 centimeters long, so once I drill through I have a ton to bend over and really secure the figure to the base.

    anyway, its an extra step, but it made my Butcher Khador model look fantastic.