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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update: August 22, 2011

This past weekend, I painted the dozen Ungor I had left, as well as my last Beastman Chariot.  This means that I have Malagor, Gorros, and a BSB left to paint on my Beastmen, and the finish line is in sight. 

Finding those Ungor last month was a pain.  I had painted the Ungor that I had almost a year ago, and then just randomly found a dozen more while reorganizing my office.  There's not a lot of joy in painting even more Ungor, but I used the character models as a motivator, as I'm excited to get to them.

I'll need to do a few things to finish off the army once all the models are painted.  I'm short a few extra movement trays for things like Warhounds and the like, and I plan on making a nice display board for the army as well.   I'm not allowed to touch any new army stuff until that's done...of course, I'm the one who set that rule, but hey, you've got to stick to something.

Congratulations to Team USA at the European Team Championship.  The teams came in sixth overall in Fantasy and third overall in 40K, which is a pretty good showing.  The constant Twitter updates from Rankings HQ and Heelanhammer, among others, were particularly fun.

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