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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Update: August 29th, 2011

Well, all the Beastmen models are now painted, which only took me around nineteen months of total painting.  That's roughly eight or so Lords/Heroes, one hundred Gor, ~sixty Ungor, seven chariots, ~sixty Bestigor, five Minotaurs, two Razorgors, ten Centigors, a Giant, and a Herdstone.  The last three out of the shoot were Gorros, Malagor, and my BSB, and they all came out looking a lot better than the first Beastman models I painted, which I suppose is the point of painting. 

So where does that leave me?  The next army is on the docket, and will be making an appearance soon.  I'm also going to crank out a few movement trays and the Beastman display board over the next few days so I can get them nicely tucked away.  I'll still be playing Beasts for a good while, as I'm not going to attach the new army to its bases until the bases are painted, in theory anyway.

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