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Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update: August 8th, 2011

I went out to the beach this weekend for long walks, tall drinks, and all that jazz, but got in a little bit of building and painting while back at home.  I finished up the movement trays for the ten Centigor that I painted....and am very disturbed after googling images of Centaur for the post.  I also got some serious work done last night on the Beastman Giant I am working on, but need some green foundation paint to go any farther. 

While I was traveling, I stopped by Rules of Engagement Games in Havelock, NC, which was interesting.  The first three things that you see when you enter the store are three signs.  The first states that you can't carry firearms into the store.  The second says they can search any bag you have at any time.  The third says that if you sell or trade anything on the premises, you have to give the store a ten percent fee.  The first thing you smell when you walk in is a building that has mold and rot like nowhere else I have ever been. 

They had the benefit, however, of having some older stock like the old metal dragons and the like.  I found a Plague Lord Nurglitch model at a steal, and that was nice.  It also served the purpose of reminding me that we have several really nice places to play here in RTP. 

I haven't been able to locate a copy of White Dwarf 379.  All the stores I've checked are sold out.  I'd like to get a look at the amended VC rules, Power Scroll change, and even the first half of the Sisters of Battle Codex.  It turns out that when GW actually puts a ton of useful stuff in their magazine, it sells really well.  Who would've thunk it?


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  2. Hey Ben I got a copy of the WD379. If you want me to make a copy of the VC rules just let me know.