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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Painted Minotaurs!

So my painting, in general, has been taking slightly longer, because I'm a) winding down the Beastmen and b) have had a slight uptick in painting quality, which is in turn leading to me taking more time per model as I internalize new techniques.  I have been working recently on Minotaur and Centigor, and am pleased with the results.

In the Minotaurs, I'm particularly pleased with the skin, metals, hair, and with the basing.  They're well shaded, and the metals have a decently rusted look.  I should have done a bit more work with the purples, especially on the banner.  One thing that I want to work on overall with my next armies is more dynamic basing...but it's tough with the current Beastmen as they're assembled and glued to their bases, as well as the fact that I already have a ton of models done with just the yellow grass / green grass / sand basing.



  1. They look good & menacing! I especially like the cooperative drum team, the shading on the fur and faces, and the bases.

    The banner dipped in gore is cool, but I would like to have seen some kind of design on it that's partially covered up instead of them only using it as a napkin. ;-)

  2. I was about to say that your painting seems to have improved on these guys but you beat me to it.

    Nice work!


  3. I like the soft shading of the fur and skin, nicely done.
    Though I too would like to see some design on the banner.
    Also, I think the horns could have more contrast to the skincolor, like a whiter highlight (or darker base), they sort of melt together as it is. But that's personal preference :)

  4. That's some great painting. I feel like the banner is missing something though, although I certainly appreciate the idea behind it. The basing works well enough for me, so I don't think you need to do any more work there.

  5. Really impressive painting. I think the main thing with basing is continuity and it not distracting from the models themselves which you have achieved.