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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painted Chaos in the Old World - Nurgle

In Chaos in the Old World, players play in order depending on which god they represent:  Khorne, followed by Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaneesh, and the Horned Rat.  I figured I could post their respective models up in the same order. 

Nurgle models were probably some of the most fun to paint, as they look great and characterful with only a base coat, highlight, and wash.   In game, Nurgle wins by focusing on corrupting the populous regions of Kislev, The Empire, Bretonnia, and Estalia.  He has cheap troops that can flood the board, but has to watch out in order to prevent Khorne from slaughtering all the little Nurgling folk and winning the game in that way. 

Our Chaos in the Old World ended last night, and I took second while Bart took first.  The game was, just as the league was, tight down to the last game and was a lot of fun, although I'm looking forward to some Warhammer and some cooperative gaming for a while after the "screw your neighbor" stylings of CitOW. 

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