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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beastmen Rumor Roundup II

Courtesy of Nethrag on Herdstone:

Marks are gone.

Gifts are 1 per army.

Doombull doesn't seem to make minos core (there maybe a special character that does, I don't know)

Minos are S5 basic (plus the other rules we've mentioned) and have recieved a 15 point price hike, so potential there for lots of S7 or hand weapons for extra attacks at S5. Seem decent.

Razorgor, are a unit like minos. M7 T5 4A, S5 with +1S on the charge. same cost as the new minos. Seem decent.

Harpies are special......bugger....

Bestigor are same stat line, no price change and are now special.....I honestly can't understand that move at all. Seems ridiculous that they have actually made bestigor worse than before?!?! I really hope my mate has missed something but I don't believe he has. (maybe like an awesome banner because them and the BSB are the only ones capable of taking a magic banner)

The core chariots still have a gor and a bestigor on them.

Ambush now is quite different.

To ambush a unit you must have an "equivalent" unit deployed on the board. Have no idea what that means for joined characters etc.

Can ambush from turn one.

No leadership check required, it now works as such --> Roll a dice for the unit ambushing. On a 1, your opponent gets to place it any board edge. 2-3 it doesn't turn up that turn, 4 turns up on the left flank, 5 turns up on the right flank, 6 you get to choose a table edge. Sounds pretty crap to me.

Centigor massive price hike, are now just classed as normal cav, but are still in light armour, don't seem to be any different otherwise except for the drunken changing to roll a dice at the beginning of the game.1-2, +2I, 3-4 -1M but a reroll on the leadership check to gain hatred once in combat, 5-6 stubborn.
Nothing like what I was hoping for to be honest.

5 rare choices. All seem pretty useful.

Giant and spawn stay the same it seemed.

3 more all are the same points and are a bit more expensive than an upgraded helpit abomination. None have any saving throw or regen etc.

Cyclops giant thing. Anti magic in a basket, not only does every wizard within 24"? need to pass a leadership check to cast spell that turn, any they fail to meet the casting value of, count as miscasts?!?! Seems insane to me.
Has a stonethrower that it can move (not march) and shoot with.
Has a standard attack profile (so not a table like a giant) which is 6 S6. T5 5W.

Jabberwocky thing. that 12" leadership check or suffer wounds for how much you fail by is for every unit within 12" but it does need to have los to the jabber thing (think its that way round rather than the jabber needing los to it, but could be wrong). again T5 5W.

Other big thing.
T6 6A S6 killing blow. Can instead of attacking do a single attack that killing blows on a 4+. If it makes a killing blow then it regains d3 wounds.

A few of the better gifts/items.

gift 20points, +1A
gift 15pts, 5+ scaly skin

this one seems pretty insane. 25pts. bound one use only power level 5. All enemy arcane items within 18" are destroyed. The bearer of each item that is destroyed takes d6S4 hits.......ouch to say the least.

Other items that he could remember

GW, reroll missed hits, 40 points
2 handed weapon, +1d3 attacks, if 6 has rolled ignore armour.

however there didn't seem to be ANY ward saves except a 2+ ward against flaming attacks (which also gave the unit a 4+ ward against flaming). There was a light armour which gave regen for 50 points. (obvious combo with those two assuming one's a talisman and ones an armour, you can bet your life it'll be more expensive than a simple 4+ ward which it basically is).

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