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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Hot Executioner Action

I got into the Dark Elf army because of three things:  dinosaurs, pirates, and ninjas.  It was actually a leaked picture of Lokhir Felheart, months before the book was released, that got me buying up the models for the army.

One of the units that I really liked the look of were the Executioners.  The models have very fluid poses, like they're going to slice and dice you up.  I went out and bought fifteen of them, right off the bat.  Then the rules came out.  My Executioners have never seen the table.

A small part of that is they're part of the dwindling number of Dark Elf models I have that need to be painted.  That should all change in the next couple weeks.  And I'm thinking about running them.  Backed by a Cauldron, with an ASF banner BSB, they're not too terrible.  I could run fifteen for size, plus the BSB, and that wouldn't be too bad.  Sure, you have to control for the BSB's frenzy, but that's not the hardest thing in the world.  And they've got some nasty abilities at that point.

I'm not saying they're great, I'm just saying that (like my Corsairs) I should give them a shot.  So here's hoping, Executioners.  Don't let me down.  

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  1. I have executioners for the same reason- they look so good!

    Unfortunately, I've never managed to get much out of them. Corsairs + Sea Serpent Standard + CoB for Killing blow gives you a lot more killing power it feels like, plus more versatility (CoB for the extra attack can help mow through low armor things).

    I've had some luck running them as a unit of 10, with no upgrades, to hammer the flanks of units that Dark Riders draw out of position, but that's about it.

    Hopefully you get some use from them- have you given them a try yet?