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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beastmen Rumor Roundup

I've compiled the latest Beastmen rumors here.  Sounds like great stuff!  Credit goes to Nethrag and Ravik on Herdstone. 

Herds have split, both ranked up but ungor get the option to skirmish

Unruly has gone

New rule for "herds"- when in combat take a leadership check.  If passed the unit gets hatred, if you roll insane courage you get hatred and frenzy. Didn't seem to be a downside if you failed.

Bestigor capture standards if they simply win a round of combat, get to add it (and any others they capture) to their combat res.

Minotaurs get frenzy if they win a round of combat, for every round they win they get a cumulative extra attack! Minos can only ever pursue or overrun 1d6 (they can now overrun)


Centigor, still special not fast cav. No drunken every turn, instead roll a dice at the beginning of the game. Effects range from +2 I, to -1 movement to something else he couldn't remember.

New unit Harpies

New unit. Some kind of jabberwoky thing. Enemy units in 12" take Ld check, for every number they fail by take a wound no armour. seemed to be 5's across the board. If it takes a wound in combat enemy takes a S5 hit. 275 points.

Think he said about a gorgon thing, mainly 6's.

There was a normal giant, then there was a cyclops giant which was basically a giant with only Ld8, but armed with a stone thrower and every (enemy?) wizard within 24" has to pass a leadership check or not be able to cast spells.

Gorgon ( i think it was) looks like a giant minotaur, and eats people

Cygor is a cyclops giant-gor that gets rerolls to hit against undead, daemons (I think) and things with ward saves. Tragically WS2. Stone Thrower.

Jabbersclyth is the jabberwocky thing. Flying, poison, terror, largetarget, 12" tounge attack, strength 5

Doombulls have D3 impact hits, normal minos have 1 each. Each round of combat won gives minos an extra frenzy attack for that combat (lost if combat ends or you lose a round).

Beastlord allows a reroll on the beastial roll when fighting against humans (Empire and Bretonians) which basically means it's likely the unit will get what is effectively eternal hatred. Something to do with insane courage adding in Frenzy to the unit he's with with that in-combat-roll thing

Great Bray Shaman are T5.

The Wild Lore has a spell that summons either a Jabber, Giant, Cygor or Gorgon from a board edge of your choice. Not RIP, but may aswell be from the desription. If the monster takes a wound then the caster takes a T test to see if they take a wound. If the caster dies then the monster disappears.

First spell of the lore was something like all friendlys within 6" get to move D6 towards nearest enemy in sight or forward. Not too sure on that one.

There's another that makes the mounts of a unit attack the riders.

2 chariot types, ungor and gor. Ungor one is core, not sure about the gor one, but is pulled by razorgors from what I was told (didn't see that page)

No gargoyles, but we do get harpies.

No marks that he could see.

Beastlord is Ld 9

Doombull only Ld 8, but can confirm he gets the d3 impact hits. I asked if he made minos core - he wasn't sure and then he had to go.

Another thing I remember from the last convo was that the chariots tuskgor (or whatever they're called now) were S4 basic but didn't get charging bonuses.

There was an option to upgrade the tuskgor to razorgor which i think he said got up to S6 on the charge (not sure if that's stays core (doubtful) or if its S4 +2 or S5 +1).

Can also confirm that first spell, every unit within 6" moves d6".

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